Photo Album
Bishop Mass Exterior of New Church Exterior of New Church 2 Interior of New Church Interior of New Church 2
Ground Breaking Interior of New Church 3 Old Church Construction Exterior of Old Church Interior of Old Church
Sisters of St. Alexander Bottom Right Stain Glass Window Bottom Left Stain Glass Window Stain Glass Right Door Stain Glass, Left Door
Stain Glass Top Left Stain Glass Bottom Right Sanctuary from back of Church Dark Church Back of Church
Left side of Church Picture from Ramp Sanctuary Chairs Risen Lord Right Side of Church
Cross in back of Church Sanctuary Steps Mary Holding Baby Jesus Pillar Tabernacle
Left side of Church from Back Stain Glass on sides of Sanctuary Interior of Church (Sepia) Station Plaque Wooden Carving
Christmas 2006 Palm Sunday 2007 Holy Week 2007 Exterior of Church back