Welcome St. Alexander Parish Family

Problems with Website

It was recently brought to my attention that the location that ran St. Alexander's website is no longer in opperation and the parish had to find a new home for the website. After some discussion with Father Mitch we are relocating the website to a new location. Some of the data from the old servers however was lost, please be patient as I work to restore some of the sections of the website.

Volunteer Help Needed

The parish community of St. Alexander is in need of assistance to rebuild and maintain the website. This would be a voluntary position(s). Interested volneers should have working knowledge of PHP and HTML programming language, CSS, javascript, jquery. Graphic design would be an asset or a second volunteer to do the graphics work would be appreciated. It is preferred that those interested are parishioners of St. Alexander Church, or at a minimum are practicing Catholics living in the community. If you are interested please contact the former web developer Joseph Brown at josephbrown@cogeco.ca.